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Jeff Summitt on April 17th, 2014

Dynacraft Driving Iron

Incredibly versatile, long and accurate the new new 2014 Dynacraft Driving Iron does it all!

Dynacraft Driving Iron Hollow Body• Hollow Body Construction

• Low, Deep Center of Gravity

• High Performance, High C.O.R. Face For Explosive Distance

Review by Hireko Golf Technical Director Jeff Summitt (
In the fall of last year, you began to hear a lot of buzz about a new category of clubheads on the markets – driving irons.  Well, they are not really new as driving irons existed a long time ago.  A driving iron was the original name for what was once called a #1-iron or the lowest lofted iron in the set. Today, driving iron means something different.  They are hollow-bodied with an iron face profile all with low lofts (could be considered hybrid or utility club as well).

Dynacraft Driving IronThe difference now even compared to the ones available just a few years ago is the technology behind them. The latest generation feature exotic face materials to achieve the same coefficient of restitution (OK, rebound effect) as a modern driver plus better weight distribution for optimizing launch conditions.

Dynacraft Driving IronEnter the new Dynacraft Driving Iron
Hireko enters the driving iron arena with a single 18º loft model to test the waters.  We have made several similar type clubheads in the past, but the difference is in the face material and construction.  We chose a stronger 17-4 stainless steel for the Dynacraft driving iron face, but instead of casting it, we forged it. This way we could compact the molecules closer together and create a thinner and variable face thickness with more than adequate strength after going through a special vacuum heat treating process.  The thinner face around the perimeter is what allows for the face to flex increasing the COR.

As a matter of fact, the first few samples we made, we wanted to be as cutting edge as we could.  Well, they ended up exceeding the USGA limit and they didn’t pass our robot durability test anyway.  So we had to modify the thickness a bit to combat both of those problems and still provide a finished product that would be hot.

Dynacraft Driving Iron Usage
For you out there reading this, the Dynacraft driving iron is new to you.  But I had the privilege of testing out all the prototypes until we reached the final product back last summer and fall. The main purpose of the Dynacraft Driving iron is the ability to control the ball off of the tee and put yourself in an optimal position for your next shot.  It is not to be confused with a driver that will be upwards of 5” longer, lighter designed to than the driving iron and hit the ball longer than any club in the bag, but not always as straight.  In all fairness it would vie with the 5-wood or possibly a #4-wood for distance.

The course I normally play is very conducive to this club as I would later find out.  The muni-track I frequent is not very long and there are a lot of tight driving holes.  Wayward tee shots often get punished by thick mature pine trees which are unsurmountable obstacles to go through. Plus hitting driver on 3 particular holes leaves less than full swings on approach shots to the postage stamped par 4’s.  On those holes, I could find the fairways with the Dynacraft driving iron and still have a full PW into the greens where it is easier (for me at least) to control distance, spin and go hole huntin’.

Dynacraft Driving Iron Specs

Hey, I dig the big stick as any male golfer does, but when you are trying to improve and lowering your golf score, often times that comes from better course management.  Consider this a game management tool.  No, you are not going to rely on it for every hole (what fun would that be), but on certain holes or in certain situations, it could be as valuable as that specialty wedge or hybrid you carry in your bag.

Off the grass, well most golfers will benefit from a 5 wood because the will get the extra spin and subsequent height.  But there are times you may find the need to hit the ball a long way, but initially under something or out of the wind.  It is not really different than modern game-improvement irons you already play; you just have a little less loft.

Dynacraft Driving Iron FaceFind your niche
You have several choices for a tee club; driver, fairway, hybrid, one of our Thrivers or this specialty utility club.  The Dynacraft driving iron gives golfers just one more option in their arsenal they feel more comfortable with. I can tell you from personal experience this club doesn’t look clunky or chunky as some driving irons or hybrids (iron-woods) as I have seen.

Future of design
What we learned from the project will likely be the foundation of some of our irons in the future so you can obtain more distance with the same amount of effort.  I am very excited about the technology that went into this.

Dynacraft Driving Iron Component Clubhead Dynacraft Driving Iron Component Clubhead
Dynacraft Driving Iron
Dynacraft Driving Iron -
Custom Assembled
Model# IH435 Model# XIH435
$14.95 each Base Price $36.00 each
 Dynacraft Driving Iron Buy Now  Dynacraft Driving Iron Buy Now

Download the 2014 Hireko Golf Catalog


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Rob Altomonte on April 14th, 2014

Brampton Clubmaking Supplies are Easier & More Economical!

Download Hireko Golf CatalogClubmakers are generally loyal to an epoxy.  That is, once they start building clubs, generally they will have their “go to” epoxy they use for all their assemblies and repairs and won’t seek an alternative for as long as they build clubs. That is, unless the epoxy is discontinued by the manufacturer or their supplier goes out of business.  After all, why chance something as important as an epoxy bond when what you are using is working well and gives you the assurance that at the end of the day what you put together is not going to go flying off?

Occasionally a clubmaker may opt for two types of epoxy; one is a slow cure for long term usage and a fast-setting for quick repairs or emergencies. But that might be the extent of it.

Brampton Epoxies
Just recently we began distributing Brampton epoxies. Many clubmakers already use Brampton epoxies and we decided to offer them in addition to the epoxies we have offered for many years.  This way clubmakers can save money by one-stop shopping rather than buying heads, shaft and grip from us and purchasing their favorite epoxy from another source.  This also gives “newbies” in the craft of clubmaking another affordable choice.

Brampton Epoxy

Slow setting epoxy
There are three different Brampton epoxies classified by how fast they cure and can be hit safely.  The first is a slow or 20 hour cure epoxy.  The PRO-FIX 20/20 is a great all-around epoxy with very high impact resistance and excellent adhesion on any materials a clubmaker will encounter in their shop.  We have this in two sizes; two 4 ounces bottles or an 8 ounce kit and two 8 ounces bottles or a 16 ounce kit.

Quick setting epoxies
There are two fast-setting epoxies – one being a quick cure and other a rapid cure.  What is the difference? The PRO-FIX 5&10 Rapid Cure has a playable strength within 10-20 minutes at standard room temperature (68-77º F).  For instance, allow a 30% increase in time per 10º temperature decrease. It is available in one size packaged in a double-barreled dispenser.

The PRO-FIX Quick Cure was developed to give a little longer working time than the Rapid Cure. It has a gel time of 5-8 minutes and a playable strength within 20-30 minutes at standard room temperature.  You’ll need to allow longer time for colder temperatures.  We offer this in two convenient sizes; two 2 ounce bottles or 4 ounce kit and two 4 oz. bottles for an 8 ounce kit.

All three of these epoxies has a 1:1 mixture by volume and is easy to clean up.  The slow and quick cure dry amber and the rapid cure dries white. These also allow for shaft removal without excessive heat.

A play on words for “unique” scraper, this handy tool removes grip tape and even those stubborn Mylar decals lickety-split off of any type of shaft without harming it.  Here is a quick video to show how it works.

Uneekscraper Grip Tape Remover$21.95 each

Brampton Clear Demo TapeClear Demo Tape
For any clubfitting or pro shop can’t be without a roll of durable polyethylene plastic tape that’s perfect for protecting club heads from damage during demos and fittings.  It comes in a 3 inch wide by 18 yard roll with perforations every 4” and only adds a mere one gram to the head.  If you do the math that comes to 162 sheets and will last a long time.  It is the perfect size to put on today’s driver to try them out and not see any usage or those “idiot” marks on the front edge of the crown.  You can peel it right off.  One thing of note, if you use a launch monitor to measure launch and spin, the demo tap can give you some erroneous readings.

Golf Club Clear Demo Tape 3″ x 18 yards$13.95 each

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In the 2014 Golf Tips Magazine Equipment Buyer’s Guide Hireko Golf Equipment was featured in many product categories.
“Myth Busted! Non-conforming clubs are the hottest clubs in golf.”
“Wow Factor. Strangely, even at 515cc, it really doesn’t look that big. And we hope to see more non-conforming clubs come into fashion. It’s about time the game is easier and more fun for more types of players.”
Power Play Juggernaut Driver
$69.95 Power Play Juggernaut Driver Clubhead BUY NOW
$113.95 Power Play Juggernaut Driver Custom Assembled BUY NOW
“Wow Factor. These are silky-smooth and nicely balanced. What a great price, too.”
Acer XS Forged Irons
$34.95 Acer XS Forged Irons Clubhead BUY NOW
$49.95 Acer XS Forged Irons Custom Assembled BUY NOW
“Wow Factor. Great value and rather impressive performance. We appreciate the ability to build a set of irons to our liking without busting the bank.”
Power Play Warp Speed Irons
$17.95 Power Play Warp Speed Iron Clubhead BUY NOW
$32.95 Power Play Warp Speed Iron Custom Assembled BUY NOW
Wow Factor. Great value and rather impressive performance. We appreciate the ability to build a set of irons to our liking without busting the bank.”
SK Fiber Golf Shafts
$35 SK Fiber Pure Energy Red Shaft BUY NOW
$49.95 SK Fiber Wraith Shaft BUY NOW

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Rob Altomonte on April 9th, 2014

Leather Like Headcovers

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Rob Altomonte on April 9th, 2014

Garmin Vivofit

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Jeff Summitt on April 8th, 2014

Power Play Friction Face Wedge The Power Play Friction Face Wedge Series are perfect for those that demand more oomph and spin and have no trouble getting their wedges aloft.

Power Play Friction Face Wedge Have you ever noticed how most wedge sets look all alike?  Sure, they may have different finishes, manufacturer’s names and logos but the basic shape and design are very similar.  If that is the case, wouldn’t they play similar as well?  You likely didn’t fall out of the turnip truck yesterday and probably know the answer to that redundant question. Now enter the new Power Play Friction Face wedge series.  It was initially designed to look different so it would play differently as well. Higher / rearward center of gravity One of the first things you will notice about the Power Play Friction Face wedge is the 5 holes or receptacles in the bottom flange.  This was created in order to eliminate weight low and forward, which in turn was added to the top of the backside of the face.  I bet you are asking, “Won’t that affect the launch and spin of the ball?”  Yes it does.  We learned the value of a higher, more rearward center of gravity for many golfers when we created the Dynacraft VLS wedge.  If you don’t recall this current model, it is a system that includes two interchangeable inserts; a 3g black anodized aluminum and 17g stainless steel. The Dynacraft VLS wedge produces two unique sets of conditions to control the initial trajectory, spin rate, maximum height of the shot, landing angle, amount of roll and finally total distance the ball travels. Download Hireko Golf Catalog Certain swing types or conditions launch the ball too high and cause the ball to go nowhere with their wedges.  I for one am afflicted with this problem.  By adding weight higher and rearward, the ball goes out and up as it should and I achieve more distance with no more effort.  The wedges already are loaded with ample loft that will maintain the spin needed to hold the greens. High friction face Where the Power Play Friction Face wedges gets its’ name comes from the laser etching on the face to provide its distinctive appearance. Using a computer-controlled laser beam, when it comes in contact with the wedge’s face, an enormous concentration of light produces a high intensity of heat and vaporizes the face along its path.  Not only can you make interesting patterns, but in our case, we created a groove within a groove. The trough or depth of the laser etching is 0.02mm which is within the USGA’s 0.001 inch limit (0.025mm) for additional surface roughness. Lofts that make sense Look at most irons produced today.  The 8 iron is 37-38º, 9 iron 41-42º and PW at 45-46º.  See a pattern going?  Yet most wedges sets are offered in 52, 56 and 60 lofts leaving a potential distance gap after the PW.  With the Power Play Friction Face wedges, the lofts will better blend into most game-improvement iron sets with lofts of 50, 55 and 60 degrees.  Now that makes sense! The Power Play Friction Face wedges also feature a very functional sole and leading edge to play well off of a variety of course conditions.  This is simply a fabulous wedge series for those that more oomph and spin and have no trouble getting their wedges aloft.

Model # I436A
Model #X I436A
$19.95 each
$34.95 each

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82% Off Grafalloy ProLaunch 65 Red OEM Version! Now only $14.95 Each!

82% Off Grafalloy ProLaunch 65 Red OEM Version! Now only $14.95!Grafalloy produced this special version of the popular ProLaunch Red 65 for OEM manufacturers. Just like the original, it is designed for lower launch and greater stability while offering superior feel at impact to other stiff tipped designs; albeit at a lower price point. Buy now. At this price, they won’t last long.

Grafalloy ProLaunch 65 Red OEM Version
Reg. $79.99

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Rob Altomonte on April 2nd, 2014

Adams Closeouts

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Jeff Summitt on April 1st, 2014

Secret Grips
Hireko is proud to announce that we have added the entire line of Secret Grips (made by Boccieri Golf) to our already extensive product line, proving once again we want to be your one stop source for all your component needs. 

All Secret Grips have one thing in common that sets them apart from all other grips in golf. Secret GripsSo what is the Secret? Psst…I am going to let you in on something that can benefit a whole lot of players and that is counterweighting grips.  This is the process of adding weight to the very end of the grip.  The purpose is to shift the balance point of the club closer to the hands and it can aid in promoting a more inside-out swing plane and ridding a player from slicing or pushing the ball.  In other cases I have witnessed golfers increasing their swing speed because they got their timing down and optimized the release of the club later in the swing. Each Secret Grip contains a 17 gram tungsten weight visible from the butt end.  Here is a cross-sectional view to see it better. Yes, we sell 16 gram counterweights (close enough to 17 grams) in the Tour Lock Pro as well as steel counterweights that get installed prior to putting into the grip, but that is only part of the secret to these lines of grips. Secret Grips Indexing Marks

Original Secret Swing Grips
Last year the golf world was introduced to the original Secret grip, but now there is a family with 4 different colors (Black, Red, White and Blue).    One of the first things you may notice when you hold the original Secret Grip is the extended length; one full inch longer than a traditional grip.  This is done so the player can choke or grip down on the club to achieve better control.  There are 3 small indexing marks on the grip so you or your customers can remember where to place their hands each time out. Download Hireko Golf 2014 CatalogBy making the grip 1” longer the grip is slightly heavier aside from the 17 gram tungsten weight.  There are two other features we have yet to mention. The grip has less taper under the bottom part of the grip.  We spoke about the benefits of reduced tapered grips a little over a month ago which you can


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